Saturday, April 7, 2012

Life is SCARY.

It is. Really. And as Graduation is ohhh, less than two months away, it's getting even scarier.

I have to register for college this week.
I have to get a job to pay for said college... ASAP.
I have to get through the rest of high school unscathed.
I have to ask a boy to Morp who I maybe, sort of like. A little.
I have to try to navigate through this crazy thing called "Adolescence". (Which, in case you were wondering, is the stage of life that you're an adult to some people and a kid to others so everything is super confusing and crazy and weird. Learned about it in Sociology.:))
I have to make it to my next doctor's appointment and...
I have to make an improvement before said doctor's appointment.
I have to stop wishing for my novel romance so maybe one day it'll happen.
I have to have to courage to make life happen.
I have to be less intimidating. (HA! I don't know how this would ever happen, since I don't think I'm intimidating at all... but I guess I could... try... to improve... on things.)
I have to work out all my issues.
I have to improve myself spiritually.
I have to do a lot of things. Just. A ton.
And writing things down for others to maybe see sometime kinda helps. I guess.
I have to improve on my blogging skills. I really want to be a legit blogger. I love the concept of blogging, and I just wish I didn't feel like a total derf when I did it.

All in all, we're all scared. Life is scary.

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