Friday, March 9, 2012

Who needs a title?

So, remember when I was going to go to Utah State and I was so excited? Well, it's not happening anymore. 

I realized that I wasn't going there for the right reasons, not to mention that I'm dirt poor and I don't especially want to put myself into debt right out of high. Not that much debt, at least. 

I'm going to Utah Valley University instead. Right here in little ole' O Town. And I'm staying at home. Which, really isn't so bad, since I'm the youngest. I have the entire downstairs to myself. I have my own bathroom. And my parents are pretty chill to begin with. 

Less money spent is a good thing. I can still get to the same place in life while staying down here. 

Also, Pinterest? Will be the death of me. I spend way to much time on there. And then I get ideas for projects I want to do that I prolly won't ever do. Except! For the pillows and canvas ideas. I'm TOTES redecorating my room this summer, and I'm so excited! I can ACTUALLY enjoy my new room (another upside of staying home for college).

Anyway, I'll brainstorm and write another blog post later. I'm no good at this business of blogging. 

Lates! :)

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