Sunday, April 15, 2012

A lovely song.

A Light on a Hill By: Jenny Phillips 
You are just one light in the darkness
Traveling by faith
But just one light
Is hope to the ones who’ve lost their way

You are a light on a hill
It cannot be hidden
Cannot be still
Sharing His light
‘Til the whole world is filled
You are a light on a hill

In a world that’s lost and lonely
Heaven works through you
Bringing hope to those who are searching
For the truth


Father rejoices on high
For the beauty that fills up your life
In all that you do
You have been true
And others can see Him through you

There's a link to the Youtube video here...

I absolutely love this song. It's this year's theme song for camp. While I'm not going to camp, I find that this year, the message they are trying to send is one that all of us could use a little more of. We need to share our light and lift up others around us. This is the last dispensation, we have a responsibility to "share His light 'til the whole world is filled." Whether we are formally called missionaries that go out and serve for two years, or member missionaries, we have to share our light.

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