Thursday, August 11, 2011

crazy day.

I know, I know. I already posted today, but there have been some events that can't go unblogged about.
First, SYTYCD Finale tonight! Melanie won! I've loved her since the very beginning and I was incredibly excited for her. She is fantastic.
Second, I talked to my brother for a bit, who lives in North Dakota. He has lived out of state since... about May-ish? Possibly even June... but that seems like it hasn't been as long as it seems! haha. Either way, he was in Wyoming for a spell and that wasn't too bad, since he was only a few hours away and we still saw him (and his wife, Dana) every couple of weeks. No big deal. THEN, he moved to good ole Ray, ND (which is the middle of no where) and I haven't seen him in FOREVER. He now lives... 13 hours away? Something of that magnitude. He lives HALF A DAY AWAY. And I didn't realize how much I missed him until I talked to him on the phone. Oh my cheese. I did NOT like that feeling. Although, it reminded me of a few little things:
*My brother genuinely (sp?) cares for me and my well being.
*My family is getting older. And that makes me kinda sad.
*He only wants whats best for me.
*Even though my brother is stubborn and smacks me around, I love him to bits.
*I can't wait until he moves back to Utah.
*If it so happens, I can't wait to spend all of next summer with him and his wife and their puppy, Fritz.
{Here's a picture of him. He's a bit bigger now, but I've always loved this picture. :)}
He's a cutie! Annoying at times, but so cute that you forget about that stuff. And he loves to cuddle!

Next, I was going to take my grandma and my sister to their homes when my grandma discovers she has lost her keys. She and my momma had gone to a viewing earlier and she thinks that is the location of the lost keys. At this point, it's like... 9 PM ish. But she calls the Walker Sanderson Mortuary people and they agree to meet us over there to look for the keys. We hussle on over there and they let us in and my grandma retraces her steps and such, and we see the dead guy still in the viewing room in his casket... it was a little on the creepy side, simply because I wasn't expecting that in the least and it was just a smidge awkward. Anyways! My sister goes back out to look in the car and junk. The mortuary man goes to look in the office. And my grandma and I just sorta chill in the hallway as I try not to think about the dead person who is only about 100 feet to my right. Then, my grandma starts feeling around her pockets and stuff and realizes that her keys had fallen into her pants and gotten stuck there! Her keys were with her thee ENTIRE TIME. And we made the mortuary guy come and let us in and everything. She, of course, starts laughing like a crazy lady, and thanks the man for coming down at that hour and junk and we make our way to the car. It was crazy sauce. Sooo soooo funny. It was so great.

Then, we had a discussion about how my cousin's husband is a mortician and what they do and stuff. And how it takes a certain type of person to be able to do that. And then we discussed cremation vs. preservation/burial. I still have a few questions about it, but I gotta save those questions for some select people. ;)

Then, I came home and got a popsicle and brought it down to my room with me. I was going to let it thaw a smidge so it was more enjoyable. But then... I started blog stalking people I don't know and I COMPLETELY forgot about my poor astro pop. And it was super melty. I tried to open the top and eat it like an otter pop, but then it started leaking out the bottom and was an awkward mess. It actually got on my blanket, but I licked it off. Gross, I know. But it was an ASTRO POP for heaven's sake! And I was already having to throw away the most-ness of it. It was quite the depressing moment. But! then I realized that I have yet to furnish my new night stand with it's own bottle of yummy hand sanitizer and I picked my bottle of "bat bite apple" pocketbac from last fall and tried it out. Mmmm, good choice. :)

Wells, since it's approximately 12:53 AM and I am going to LAGOOOOOON with the 'rents tomorrow, I better get some sleep. :) So they don't think I'm so incredibly lazy... I just stay up later than the rest of the world! ... than the rest of the Orem/Provo area. :)  
P.S. [They want to combine Orem and Provo since Provo isn't "big enough" and I think that if they do that, the new name should be "PROM". Clever, right? HA, not in the least. I just made that up in my little sleepy brain.]

Either way, Good night! Sweet Dreams! Don't let the bed bugs bite! (don't be fooled, bed bugs are legitimate and very real)   :)

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