Thursday, October 14, 2010

Cutest thing EVER! And s'mores things too.

     So, this last week on... monday night? around 9:00 pm there was a very urgent knock on my door. As I get up to answer, I hear a car door slam and drive off in a hurried fashion. I open the door to find a single rose and a note with swedish fish that says: "You're the "swedish fish" I know! I would love to go to Sadies with you!" So fantastic I get excited just typing it!
     I just bought "Lucky" sung by Glee Cast. It's just about the best song in the world. I just wanna listen to it over and over!
     On monday, I'm so excited to go get slushies with my grood friend Claytron. It's a monumentous occasion as this should have happened wayyyy back in the summer and never did. Sad day. So, it's a good thing it's happening soonly!
     I really don't have that exciting of a life right now that it's fun to blog about.... so I'm done for today.

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