Monday, September 13, 2010

Mondays are no fun! Only sometimes.....

     Today I wore my Buzz Lightyear: Space Ranger! socks. They made me incredibly happy all day even though I got 14/20 on my math quiz... errrr....:( Not fun. I didn't really wear my shoes during lunch and I really wanted to frolic in the grass with my favorite socks, but it was wet! That darnded wet grass! It's okay though, I would have looked like a really weird person... not that I don't manage that without the whole frolicking stuff! But still. A very attractive boy would prolly have been watching, and he already thinks I'm crazy. So... no need to rub it in! I just finished my english homework, and I hope it's okay. I don't really think I'm a very good writer. I think I SUCK. But, I've been told otherwise. I don't believe them. I now have to go mow Mr. Lawnsterinator so I can do my physics homework and take a shower before I die/go to bed. Good night world!

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