Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ugh, printers.

     So I basically HATE my printer right now. I have this dumb thing called a reading record due tomorrow for honors english, right? And I printed one off to do it, but it was wrong. Like, the lines were dumb. So I got on the computer again to print a fixed one, and now my printer WON'T PRINT. I hate it! It's the stupidest thing of my life. Grrr.
     On to a happier subject! I was talking to my friend Clayton today at lunch when another friend of mine walked up. I guess I was acting as if I were on drugs....? And she was like, "Umm, are you on drugs?" No, I'm not on drugs, I just get really excited when I talk to Clayton because we are really alike and such. Can I not be an excited person? It's just dumb. Not that I don't love this friend to death, I was just angry that I was "obvi on drugs, right?" No. Not right. Anyways, the happiness! HA! So I got to talk to Clayton! And it made me happy, because we don't see each other like, ever, anymore and he is one of my most favorite people! So it was a good lunch.
     In math today, we reviewed piecewise functions. Which at first, made me incredibly nervous, because I SUCKED at them last year. But this year, I have a really awesome teacher named Mr. Crowther, who can actually teach me stuff and I'll understand it! So I finally finally finally understand piecewise functions now! YAY!
     I'm still really angry with my printer, but I decided that I needed to blog for a few minutes. Thanks for listening... reading.... :)

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  1. haha math is always better when you DON'T have Horton.


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