Sunday, November 10, 2013

Randoms, probably.

I've been MEANING to write a really nice, really inspirational, really honest post about makeup for abouuuuut a month now and every time I try to sit down and make it happen, it doesn't. So, sorry and stuff. Therefore, you get some random junk stuff to tide you over until I feel like writing a big girl post. (because I know you are all DYING to read my blog every second of every day, am I right?)

-I joined the iPhone generation. I got the 5C in blue. I actually love it. Like, a lot. One thing though, I can't figure out how to get my phone out of the case... So... I'll have to work on that. I'm sure that I just need to be a bit more aggressive about it and since I don't have a different case right this second, that's why I'm not all that invested in getting that baby out, but still. Also, I looked at the case I have on their website (to see if they had any tips and tricks on getting those bad boys off, HA) and it turns out that it has shock absorbent rubber on the inside and really hard stuff (technical terms...) on the outside. So, I think it might withstand it if I dropped my phone... which hasn't happened yet, but it's a very big possibility.

- I've now watched both The Fellowship of the Ring and Two Towers. I don't hate them. I do however, think that the Elven land.... Rivendale? Is absolutely gorgeous and I really like the paddles on their boats. And I also think that Frodo and Sam are incredibly boring in Two Towers. And also, if I had to choose a creature to be, I would either be an Elf because their hair is so pretty or an Ent (probably an Ent wife...) because dude, I'm a walking, talking tree. So... it's pretty cool. That's most of what I've taken from the movies. Also, I'm still confused about a few things, nothing that REALLY matters to like the story line, but nonetheless. But, it's whatever. I'll get to... whatever the third one is... Return of the King? sometime or another. Then everyone at work can get off my back about it. Then I just have to watch all the Star Wars and they'll REALLY leave me alone. (Like THAT'S going to happen any time soon)

-I'm going to St. George next weekend to visit Clayton and Rob and I am SO SUPER EXCITED. Like, really. I'm the kind of person that makes a packing list for everything. And I've already written it out and revised it. Packing lists are serious business, people. And the second I confirmed the dates, I started making a playlist of the music I want to listen to on the drive. Like, I'm being SO dorky about this whole thing and I don't even care! I'm beyond excited! A little less so because my mom decided that she doesn't want me driving down by myself and she's going to my aunt's for the weekend. But, WHATEVER. I'm more just so stoked to go visit my bestie! And it's Albus and I's first road trip together! Yay!

-My rings. They are now too big for me on the fingers I was wearing them on. I'm most sad about my grandfather's class ring. It's too big for any of my fingers now and I am seriously crushed. I got a new ring to put in the spot that my other ring didn't fit on anymore and it's a Greek Evil Eye. I just think they're really cool, more than I actually believe in that stuff. It's interesting to see what people believe in that's different than what you believe in. And I think it's kind of cool to learn about it because then you can connect with them better.

-I'm steeling myself for the weeks ahead. Basically for the foreseeable future. I already know it's going to be very hard for me and I hope and pray that I can handle myself and not be a total... *ahem*. Hahahaaaaa, woops?

-I hardcore worked on my sisters commissioned mosaic ALL DAY yesterday and I'm really excited about the progress. Like, REALLY EXCITED. I'll be sure to Instagram the finished product, because blogger has been bugging out with pictures lately.

-Does anyone else have to have a clean room before they can go anywhere? Like, if you're going on a trip somewhere, do you make sure your room is clean before you leave? Because I do. So, that's what I'll be trying to tell myself to do everyday this week. And also trying to hold off on packing until AT LEAST Wednesday. Ha! Seriously, I love this stuff. I try so hard not to be an over packer too, by the way.

Well, I think that's all I've got. See you later, have a FANTASTIC week.

     Reille K.

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