Sunday, November 24, 2013

Music Chat.

Sorry I've been absent as of late, I really don't get on the computer very much anymore since I have an iPhone. But anyway, I thought of this really fantastic post while I was at a concert last night (okay, can I have a fangirl moment real quick? I posted a collage of pictures on Insta this morning from the concert and 2 of the 3 bands liked my picture and the lead singer from Motion City Soundtrack liked and commented on the picture. WHAAAAAATUH?! I had a tiny freakout when I saw it. Seriously. It was a really good show. Okay, fangirl moment done.).

So, I went to the Motion City Soundtrack, Relient K, and Driver Friendly concert in SLC yesterday with my seester, Meg. And we stood in line for an hour in the freezy weather and we were really excited to get in there and see the bands! Anyway, I noticed this kid and his friend walk past when we were waiting because I was intrigued by one of their jackets. I know, I'm kind of a weird one. Anyway, I just watched them walk past and didn't think anything of it. At 6 they opened the doors and we went inside. We hurried and bought a shirt before everything was sold out and went into the venue.

Remember jacket kid and friend? Yeah, they were standing right next to us the entire concert, basically. But jacket kid, who is actually really cute and I changed to chambray shirt kid later, was a really serious type. Like, borderline stoic. He didn't really have a lot of emotion to his face even when he was talking to his buddy. I was... we'll go with observing, him throughout the night, partially because he was just so darn attractive, and partially because I was so intrigued. Anyway, not a whole lot of emotion. And through the first bands set, he just respectfully listened and chilled. And then Relient K came on and he lit up. His face was shining with excitement and he was singing along to all the songs and he was getting really into it. And I thought back to all the concerts I've been to over the years and what I've observed there and what I've noticed just in everyday life. You can turn on a song and listen to an album and enjoy it with the company of other people. And it's great. But going to see a band live and feeding off their energy and the energy of the other people in the venue and really letting yourself go in that moment, is an experience like no other. It's incredible, even if you don't know that bands songs, or you don't know all the words, it's still so nice to stand there and feel the emotion in the lyrics and feel what they're feeling WITH them. Also, my favorite part of concerts, being able to sit there and enjoy the music while the sound from the speakers vibrates your hair! It's seriously one of my favorite feelings. I love it.

It amazes me how connected people are with music. It makes specific connections in the brain and it rewires. It wires itself to what you're getting visually and tactilely and what you're smelling so that when you smell that smell again, or see that thing again or touch what you touched, you are immediately taken back to that song. Or when you hear that song, you're immediately taken back to that feeling or sense. It's incredible!  And music can connect you with people you otherwise wouldn't have given a second glance. Because our music is so important to us. It speaks what your soul can't seem to put into words or feelings. And that's powerful.

Music is powerful. And it can change so much. It can bring people to life.

Have a great Sunday, guys! And a lovely week!

     Reille K.

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