Wednesday, November 13, 2013

"I'm like a little boy trapped in a woman's body."

That's how I ultimately described myself to my new visiting teacher this morning. So... that happened. Also, we saw at LEAST six people get pulled over during the course of our breakfast by the same two motorcycle cops. Which made me paranoid because I got pulled over by a motorcycle cop yesterday. On my way home from going home early because I was sick. Yesterday was probably one of my worse days. But hey! I didn't get a ticket, just a written citation. So, cheers to that! And then I drove down State from Lindon to Provo and I saw three more cops! It's like they all decided that this week they were ALL gonna meet their quota or whatever. It made me all the levels of paranoid.

Also, I'm really excited for this weekend. It's just what I need right now. To get away and not have to think about anything in Orem. It's been ROUGH this week already. And I still have two more days! So... there's that.

My brain has been a mess lately and I have been a crappy blogger, sorry about that. You'll probably live. Probably.

Anyway, I hope you guys are having a better week than this crazy.


     Reille K.

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