Tuesday, July 3, 2012

*fingers crossed*

I have a job interview today at the lovely discount store that doesn't feel like a discount store, Target. 
I'm freaking out, just a bit on the inside. 
I feel like I'm just too awkward. 
And it's uncomfortable for me to "sell myself".
And I just get worried that once I get the job, I won't be good enough.
And things won't work out.
   What if I'm late?
   What if I don't get along with ANYONE I work with?
   (This one could seem kinda lame but...) What if I don't get to go to Minnesota with my parents in August?
   How am I going to get there everyday?
   Will I be able to save money once I have money to really save?
The list is really endless, and I'm really nervous so I don't want to think about all those things in detail right now. 
I know that I'll get the job. I mean, I've seen the people that work there, and know a little bit about some of their qualifications and such, and I think that at the very least, I'm about equal to them.
I just really hope it goes well.
I just really hope I don't be a total spaz.
I just really need a job, so I can someday go to college and learn stuff and junk. 

Sidenote: My AP Psych teacher says that he's supposed to get the AP results back this week. And I am DYING to find out what I got. Like, literally, I could die. I really want to get a five. *fingers crossed*

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