Thursday, January 7, 2016

i'm trying.

I'm really trying, you guys, to have FAITH. In a very specific thing. And it's something that I have ALWAYS had a hard time having faith in.

The Lord's timing.

Because I want things to happen on MY timetable. Like, all the time. There are SO many times that I can recall that I have been so MAD that things weren't happening for me when I felt like they should. But, God had/has other things in mind for me. Other things in store. And ya know, I KNOW that He knows what He's doing. And I BELIEVE that I will get the blessings and desires of my heart WHEN it's right for me. I KNOW these things. But, its in the LIVING those knows and believes where I struggle.

For example, whenever I start talking to boys, I am NUTS. I want to have a whirlwind romance akin to one in a YA novel. I mean, I've read enough of those that I can almost always predict the ending when I'm reading it the first time. So I've inadvertently  programmed my brain to expect these things. But it doesn't happen. I don't ever have my whirlwind. I don't ever have my romance. I just have me. And Sharky (my pillowpet). And the comfort of not having to wear pants (PANTS ARE PRISON.) all the time. Then I get all caught up and I just WANT it to work out. Just once. And I try to reason with God that it wouldn't be a BAD thing for this one to work out. It's not like I can't date around a little bit. Please please please help this happen for me. But no. Because we all know that I am NOT a "dater". I will likely start dating someone and end up marrying them. Because that's just who I am as a person. And Heavenly Father knows that. But sometimes I think it's really annoying that He knows me so well. Is that totally awful of me? Probably. Do I care? Not really.

And I've tried using charts and reward systems and all kinds of things to get myself to read my scriptures every day. And none of them have ever worked. I do really well for a while and then I slowly stop making it a priority and I stop reading them altogether. And I can feel the difference. And I don't like the difference. I WANT to read them every day. But I just don't do it.

And, its not just The Men and scripture study... it's other things too. Like, losing weight. Deciding to not spend my money frivolously. Flossing regularly. And so many other things too. Heavenly Father has a plan for ME. And I just have to trust in that.

BUT, in the meantime... I'm trying this new thing where I am not expecting ANYTHING to happen. Would I LIKE certain things to happen? Duh. In a specific amount of time? For sure. But, the expectations are no longer there, so I can no longer be devastatingly disappointed when something doesn't happen. Or when I slack off and don't live up to my own expectations. I'm trying to be more loosey goosey. I'm not putting my life on hold for anyone anymore. I'm paying attention and doing things that I know are good for ME without worrying about it so much. And seeing what happens. I mean, I'm still TRYING, just letting go of the WORRYING ABOUT IT part (because ya gotta TRY). And you know... it's nice. I have a semi-obsessive personality, so it's HAAARD. But, so far, I think it's working? And you know? It's giving me more FAITH. In the LORD'S TIMING. And I like that. I want to have faith in that.

I've found myself thinking, "I wish *this* would happen... Enh! It'll happen in time." Or "I want to MAKE this happen NOW... Mm, it will happen in due time." And then subsequently thinking, "Did that just happen in my brain?" Because that is so not normal for me.

But, I'm trying. Really trying to have faith. I'm trying to put into practice all these beliefs that I have and let them help me shape my life. And I'm a firm believer in effort. So far, it's going well.

all the love.
Reille K. :)


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