Tuesday, January 5, 2016

because 2016.

Happy New Year! Like, 5 days ago. :)

I'm putting my goals here, because the more I talk about them, the less I have to actually do them, right? JOKES.

I'm trying something new, and I made my goals in categories this year. Because of something a beautiful man said in a lesson one Sunday. I mean, he just said it in passing, but I thought it was a GRRRRREAT idea. So, here we go!

Physical Goals:
Yoga, Water, Cardio. Lose 40 lbs. and not find it again. Eat healthy things. Floss.

Spiritual Goals:
Keep a Valid Temple Recommend. Read my scriptures and pray EVERYDAY. Be more grateful.

Mental Goals:
Read at least 2 books per month. Blog at least once a week. Write more. Declutter more. Make lists (for my forgetful brains).

Financial Goals:
Save AT LEAST $50 a paycheck. Not spend my money on things I don't ACTUALLY NEED. Take less trips to Target.


I mean, a lot of these are things that just require a tiny bit of brainpower/effort/pants wearing when I get home from work. I tried to do both MORE goals and LESS goals. Most of the LESS is in the financial category because I need to stop wasting my money on things that I find to buy at Target (mostly) that I could really exist without just fine.

And SO MANY of these things have been a goal of mine for so long and I do great for a while and then they fall by the wayside again.

Basically, I just want to be more intentional with my time and not just sit by idly while my life slips by. Which is what I naturally do. Just sit idly. And that's not going to help me progress into areas that I want to go. Like marriage. And motherhood. Because hey, that's the next big life step to take for me. I've already moved out (and back in). And I'm not going on a mission. I'm ahead of the curve here! Anyway, its late and my feet are falling asleep. So the rest of me probably should follow suit.

all the love.
Reille K. :)

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  1. Love love love!!! It's true, it's all about living simple to Simply Live!!! Great post! You know my resolution!


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