Saturday, November 14, 2015

how to be a sick person, according to me.

Hi friends!

This week, I was sick for a couple of days and had to stay home from work. Which, is something that I've had to learn how to do in recent years. But, I thought I would write a little post about it.

I have five tips for sickness for you. And honestly, they may be more to remind myself to do these things the next time I'm sick than anything else. So, take it or leave it.

  • DRUGS. Figure out as quickly as possible what kind of drugs are going to suit you and your sickness best. And always try the ones that your mom suggests first. Vomiting up cough syrup is not something I want to ever do again in my lifetime... It's going to help with a speedy recovery. At least, it did with the variety of death that I somehow contracted this week.
  • Try to find someone else to make your necessities run. I made the mistake of going to Winco for myself before I had figured out my drug situation and was in delirious pain. I also made the mistake of choosing a hand basket, not a cart, so I was panting my way around Winco, just trying to get some dang Gatorade. I looked like death because I also had a fever but, really, I was in no state to have even put real clothes on. I should have called someone for help.
  • DRINK and EAT THINGS. I personally like to get Gatorade or PowerAde if you have had a fever. They help restore all those electrolytes you just sweated out with your fever. And they taste pretty good. If it's more of a stomach thing, Sprite or 7 Up is swell for helping calm things down. As far as food goes... that depends on your sickness. If it's like, a cold, then SOUP. If it's something stomach-y, then try to find something that's not going to hurt on it's way back up. My personal favorites for this are Double Noodle Soup, Saltines, and Fruit Snacks.
  • HEAT. My heated blanket was a lifesaver. I would also consider turning up the thermostat just like, 2 degrees. When you have a fever, your body is definitely going to like being too hot more than being chitter-chattering from being cold.
  • Baths. I took like three "baths" on Tuesday. Because it was the only place that my body was not in constant pain (because of the heat and the buoyancy). And by bath, I mean I just lied there in the hottest water I could get for like, an hour. And as the bath slowly started draining/getting cold, I added more hot water. But, they were great.

So there you have it. I'm not really sure what sickness I had? It was kind of flu-y, but not? I woke up and it hurt to touch my skin and I was all body aches and pain and fever. I spent much of Tuesday in bed trying to sleep but mostly just writhing in pain. It was actually probably the worst day of at least this year, if not like, the past 5 years. And then Wednesday the more traditional cold type things like coughing and stuff came. But, I'm fine now. Mostly. My lungs had some residual issues for a couple of days, but so far today, they are okay. Anyway.

All the Love.
     Reille K. :)

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