Sunday, September 23, 2012

Never in a MILLION years...

This week has been absolutely PACKED.

  • I went back to high school for a day (half a day, really)
  • I got lost on a college campus (barely)
  • I led my team at work (which is weird because I'm a baby)
  • I went on a date (whoo hoo!)
  • I got home early, but still didn't go to bed until late.
  • I finished season 8 of Grey's. (OH MY GOSH)
  • I read two books.
  • I went to a temple dedication. 
  • I took a really long nap.
  • And I saw a REALLY, just absolutely adorable little baby. (She's a week old.) 
I thought it would be as simple as walking into the building to go back and visit my favorite teacher. When I got there, though, I had a flash of an instinctive feeling that I didn't belong there. And I don't, obviously. But it was slightly hostile. And that was weird. It was weird to be back in that building. I am such a different person than I was when I went to school there, and it's only been a few months. I talked to Mr. Barth (Clayton and I have been trying to refer to him as 'Paul' now, since that's his name, but we can't make ourselves do it verbally. Only in writing, so far) for about an hour and a half. And then I thought I might as well go see Brother Christiansen, my favorite seminary teacher. Even with his class being slightly disruptive, I felt the Spirit. That man is incredible. Really. He told me that I should really just go get a schedule for institute so I could go a couple times a week. And we talked about my date. And I went on my way.
Which brings me to the college campus. I went to UVU, and somehow, I got really lost and I never ended up getting the institute schedule. It was just too much for my brain. I don't like getting lost when there is construction of any sort. So I scrapped the idea, for now.
I got to work on friday night and was informed that I was going to be leading the softlines team. (Softlines = Clothing parts of the store.) I've only been at Target for just over 90 days, so I feel like a Target baby. But my leaders see leadership potential in me. I feel like everyone sees me as a leader, and I'm the only one that doesn't. It's just a weird feeling for me. It was touch and go in the middle there, but the night ended on a successful note. It definitely has to stay a once-in-a-while deal while I'm just your average Team Member.
I went on a date last night. The first day of fall. The first day trying out the new me. I asked this kid named Joel on a date. We went to High School together, and he was DEFINITELY one of the populars. It felt insane. I felt insane for even asking him. A year ago, I would have LAUGHED at you openly if you told me that I would be going on a date with him, much less because I asked him. It went well, but it was definitely a "just friends" situation. Nothing too fancy. But I had a really good time.
I stayed up and watched a couple episodes of Grey's, and read a few chapters of my book. (which I finished today)
So I didn't go to bed until around 1:30 AM. And I had to wake up and be ready and at the stake center for the temple dedication by 7:45AM. So not much sleeping going on last night. After that, I finished season 8 of Grey's (OH MY FREAKING HECK), I finished the book I was reading last night, and then I took a four hour nap. When I woke up, my mom and I took dinner to my favorite young women's leaders family, since she just had a baby (approx. one week ago) and she is just the cutest little thing in the world. I just love her. Oh my gosh. (I've been getting a tiny bit baby hungry lately, and I really shouldn't be.)
So, overall, a really good, and really busy week. Man, oh man.

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