Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Minnesota Recap!

I know, I know. It's been a while since I got back from Minnesota. But, I have pictures! I really have like 300+ pictures, so I've chosen a few of my favorites from each "event". The formatting might be weird, but you can just deal with it. That week was just what I needed, at just the right time. As stupid as this sounds, it really helped me grow up. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pictures, even though they aren't as good as experiencing it for yourself!
Mt. Rushmore, it was smaller than you would think, but still AMAZING.
South Dakota Sunset. Absolutely beautiful.
This is Nickelodean Universe. It's a theme park INSIDE the Mall of America. 
Polar Bear! Proof that their tongues are BLUE. And definitely a highlight of the zoo. 

Oh, Sparky the seal. He was so cute! 
This is also in the Mall of America. It's a minotaur made out of LEGO'S! 

Gorgeous little Bonzai tree from Como Zoo.
Ahhh, delicious pizza from Pizzeria Lola's. Prosciutto. Is. Yummy.

Minnehaha Falls. It was beautiful. 
Sculpture Garden. It was fantastic. This is super famous! :)

This is where Joey spends most of his time. He's an odd cat. :)
Minneapolis (..or St. Paul) skyline. Legit city! 

Butterfly House at the State Fair! It was so great! 
Butterfly House. I loved it! This guy was especially pretty. 

Buffalo Wild Wings, of course. Delicious as always. 
St. Paul, Minnesota Temple. It was SO SMALL. Which was weird for me. 

Gelato. One of them is GOLDFISH flavored. It really tasted like it! 
It's like Denny's/Village Inn, but SO much better! And Utah is the only place that doesn't have them!!! Dumb. So tasty. 

Sideways stoplights in Nebraska. North Platte, to be exact. Don't go there, not even McDonald's is worth it. 
As much fun as it was, it was good to get home to this beaut. Ahh, real mountains! I missed them dearly. 
P.S. Nebraska is my least favorite state of them all. I've now officially been to Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota... and I guess Wyoming, but I've been there before this trip. Woohoo!

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