Sunday, May 25, 2014

all the new things.

There is almost never a middle ground, it seems, for my life. When one thing is new, EVERYTHING ELSE decides that it needs to be new too. And I can never quite discern which thing decided to be new first.

For example: Last year, around February, I decided that it was high time that I went to the Singles Ward. And around that same time, stupid drama was happening at work and I was done with Softlines and wanted to be switched to Instocks (my first choice was ACTUALLY Pricing, but, I'm actually really glad that I ended up on Instocks. I think the task was more my speed). And the fruition of those two decisions happened at the exact same time. My first Sunday in the Singles Ward was two days before my first day on Instocks.

And now, I have a new calling and a new job at the same time! This time though, I know that the calling came first. Barely. I got sustained a week and a half before I got the new job. But, I got set apart (which is when a calling becomes a real thing, I think) two days before I start my new job.

It just amazes me that this is how it always seems to happen for me. It's almost as if I plan it. Or maybe, it's Heavenly Father who plans it (more likely). I still have yet to understand the why or any of that. And honestly, don't know that it's that important if I ever do. Just, an interesting happenstance, I suppose. It freaks me out every time because I have to figure out how to adjust my life to all the new things, but I guess I do well under pressure? I'm still not really sure about that one. But, it's been said to me before.

Anyway,  I hope you all have a lovely Sunday evening, and a lovely Memorial Day, and a lovely week in general. :)

     Reille K.

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