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Once upon a time, I went to Vegas for the first time ever with my bestie, Jessica, for my 20th birthday. Yes, 20th. And everyone thought I was the weirdest little weird, because what's the point if you aren't 21? Well, the point is, there's more to do in Vegas than drinking and gambling, and even if I WAS 21, I still wouldn't have done any of that stuff. Yeah? Yeah. 

The drive down was super windy, and they closed the freeway twice in the four days we were gone. And I finally got to sit in the HUGE Beaver Valley chair. High school Me felt like I was part of the "in-crowd" for sure. It was fun and nice to go at whatever pace we wanted to because we were in charge and we could stop for whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted. 

We went to The Tournament of Kings, which was a blast. We sat by a Canadian named Matt, NAND Merlin hit on me at the beginning of the he show. Which, was awesomely uncomfortable. There was a spotlight on me, and we know how much I hate attention. Ha! But, it was still flattering. And we went to the Shark Reef Aquarium, which is the only predator based aquarium. So basically, SHARKS, right? So, obviously, I was SO THERE. Because sharks are my favorite and are the absolute best. I managed to hold the tears in, even though I was so excited. I did manage to get makeup all over their glass because I had my face pressed up against it so I could see better though. I touched rays, and horseshoe crabs. And they had more than one shark tunnel, and see-through floors so the sharks could swim underneath you, which they did. And they had so many different kinds of sharks that were all established so they were nice and big and beautiful. And a ginormous sea turtle, which was so majestic. Obviously I found the coolest adult t-shirt with sharks on it and bought it.

We weren't allowed to take pictures once
the show started, so I got what I could.
We also went to the Titanic exhibit, which was cool in a different way. I've always known a lot about the Titanic, but somehow, I forget it the most. I forget that 2,000 people died on that boat. And I forget that it was supposed to be so super safe. And I forget that some peoples family members didn't even know they were on the boat at all. They were all on their way to a better life. And it ended so abruptly. And that makes me a little sad and also never want to go on a cruise. Just kidding, I still want to go on a cruise. Around the Greek Isles. But the exhibit was super cool. I enjoyed doing that. We went to a super expensive buffet, and took a nap after (what else would you do, right?)  I tried crab legs, and decided that in the he case of all seafood, unless the work is already done for you and you're just reaping the benefits, it's not worth it. 
We walked most of the strip and people watched and ogled all the beautiful hotels/casinos. We decided which ones we would stay in if we were ever rich enough. We saw a small Liberache exhibit, which was beautiful. It took dedication to wear all that super heavy beaded clothing on stage. I love that the hotels are all themed, and there is a theme for everyone. They just need a strictly underwater one now, kind of like the one in A Goofy Movie, and they can call it the Triton or the Grotto, and my life will be complete. Yes to the Mermaids, No to the water beds though. Those are difficult to sleep on. We spoke to beautiful Irish men about how unruly hair can be. We made poor poor poor choices when it came to footwear. And regretted it tremendously. 
We went to church in Jessica's old ward, which was a fun experience for me. The vibe in church in other states is different than it is in Utah. I can't quite put my finger on it, but it's there. Also, their chapels are tiny! But everyone is really nice, and I had a really good time. And we met up withJ's old high school friends. Which, was interesting. I really liked most of them, so, at least there's that. And we ate yummy food all weekend, and it was just a super fun experience. Also, we missed the bomb threat that happened at Target by a few hours, which, thank goodness. Because that would have sucked. And we also missed the drama that naturally followed. So, that was nice. 
Going to Vegas is like going to a different planet. They have no open container laws and everyone always has a drink firmly... "Firmly" in their hands (or on a necklace and around their necks). Inside of the casinos, the air is pungent with the smell of all the millions of cigarettes in there. I said that I bet a bunch of people who work in casinos get lung cancer even if they never once smoked. Probably true. And people would be drunk, full on drunk, so early in the day! It amazed me that all these people would spend all this money to go to Vegas, spend so much money doing stuff, spend so much money gambling, and buying drinks and stuff, just to be drunk the entire time and most likely not even remember it. It kills me. I just, don't get it. I decided it's not regulated because it's like The Purge, but instead of illegal things like murder and torture and stuff, it's reckless behavior. Interesting, right? 
All that being said, I really enjoyed it there, and I think we have stumbled upon a new tradition. We did a lot, but we still missed quite a bit. And we can always re-do some stuff! 

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     Reille K. :)

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