Sunday, June 8, 2014

life as of late.

Holy buckets, you guys. It's been a little bit of time since my last post and I can't even. Already, my summer is going completely differently than I ever expected it to go. 

First, I expected to work at Target this summer, and I am not doing that. I got a new job that is sometimes a little scary, but that I really enjoy. And that is really great. And I see myself with this company for a really long time. Who knows? I may just end up staying in the insurance biz for forever and I'm actually okay with that. 

And for all the 20 years of my life leading up to now, I got asked on zero dates. Which, I came to terms with and got used to and now dates are weird to me. But, in the last month, I have gotten asked out TWICE and that's weird. I mean, thanks for thinking I'm pretty, I guess? Or maybe they just think I'm interesting? Who knows. Haha. I mean, I want to go on dates... But with very specific people. And that sounds terrible probably, but it's the truth. And I make it a point not to lie to people. And I guess if I want to go on dates with these very specific people, I should just ask them myself, right? Well, it's not that easy or simple for me. Because sometimes (most times) I forget that people are just people and they shouldn't make me nervous. 

And I'm moving out with my absolute best friend in the whole world at the end of the summer. Well, as end of the summer as the beginning of August is. And I'm so excited and and scared and nervous and excited. I'm mostly excited. And it's going to be great and really fun. And YAY!

And I'm not as poor anymore. And that's weird. And I have to remind myself not to go crazy, A LOT. Because now that I'm not as poor, I also have more responsibilities and the like. 

And I go outside a lot more often. Which, has never been a thought that crossed my mind very often. I was very much an inside person. But I spent almost all day outside yesterday. And I'm currently sitting outside whilst I write this. And I just always want to be outside these days.

And I'm healthier. I have less vitamin deficiencies and all that. And I'm losing weight (kind of, I get lazy a lot) and that's awesome. I catch myself in the mirror sometimes at work and I'm like, wait, is that ME?! When did I start looking like that? But it's nice to see the effects of the work that I DO put in. 

Guys, I'm an actual grown-up these days. Like, when the heck did that even happen? And really, WHO LET THAT HAPPEN?! 

Anyway, I hope you all have a lovely week! 

Reille K. 

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