Friday, September 20, 2013

Whatcha doin'?

I saw this on Carlee's blog and I thought, "Hey, what a nice, easy post to do for my first post back!" Also, I do apologise for my lack of blogging recently. I took a bit of a hiatus because there was just TOO MUCH going on in my life and I needed a bit of "me time" in all of the little tentacles of my life. So, here it is. :)

Making // I SHOULD be making two different mosaics and receiving blankets. But alas, I have not even started on them. You know me, always a procrastinator no matter how hard I try not to be.
Cooking // I've been too lazy to cook lately... I was on a stay-cation last week and we literally ate at home ONE time. ONE.
Drinking // At this second, I have water in my cup. But, I've really been diggin' juice lately. Since I still don't really drink Mountain Dew/Soda.
Reading // The Mortal Instruments. Again. I'm at the end of book three. And no, I haven't seen the movie. I don't want to see the actors when I re-read. Is that weird? Probably. Okay, yes, it's weird.
Wanting // Something to happen. Like, I've really been wanting to go on dates lately. Which, is not something that I usually want. I generally think, "Ooh, I want a boyfriend, but I don't want to have to go on dates to get one, because those are awkward." But, that has not been the case lately.
Looking // "For love in a hopeless place!" Just kidding. I'm actually looking for Phlebotomy jobs. (I KNOW, right?!) I've finally come to terms with it, I think. Well, enough that I am confident enough to start looking for a new job, eh?
Playing // Nothing. I got back into Candy Crush for three days and then promptly deleted it again. Games are stupid.
Wasting // All my time. All the time. Just kidding, I only waste a little time. I've gotten my room almost all the way done from my re-decorating. Yay!
Sewing // Not a single stitch. I AM however, waiting for my grandma to finish sewing the binding on my new quilt. Eeee!
Wishing // That I could see my bestie. Sir, I miss you. Email me back?
Enjoying // The fall weather and pumpkin smelling things. Which, is new for me. I never really liked pumpkin before.
Waiting // "on the world to change." Wow, I need to stop referencing songs. I'm waiting for the new J.K. Rowling movies. And the new season of Grey's (I can't WAIT) aaaand... that's all.
Liking // All the new clothes I've bought recently. Seriously, guys, I can't control myself.
Wondering // What the heck is wrong with my car! Nothing too serious, but my fan isn't blowing. Stupid thing. At least it's the time of year that I can live with it for a bit. I'm also just a little too lazy to take it to the shop... :)
Loving // My family. A lot. Last week was the first time, I think, EVER that we have ALL been together without anyone missing. And it was fantastic. I just love them a lot. And they're the best.
Hoping // I don't have to pay a million dollars to get my car fixed.
Marvelling // At how blessed I am. It's a constant marvel of mine, because I don't hold up my end of the stick NEARLY as much as I need to. Guys, God is great.
Needing // New undershirts. Ha! Seriously though.
Smelling // My Pumpkin Cheesecake candle from Target. Seriously, so yummy.
Wearing // My leggings that I scored from Kohl's for $4 and a chiffon button up shirt that's white with grey polka dots. Because it's cute enough that I could leave the house in it, but comfy enough that I've been sitting here on the computer since I got home from work.
Following // people on Instagram again! I don't know that you all knew, I deleted my insta and twitter. But, I came back to insta this last Wednesday. Not twitter though.
Noticing // That people are so dang nice. And that I can be social (sort of). And how different I am than other people.
Knowing // That I'm not dating anyone because the time is not right. Because I'm not the person I need to be yet. That I need to focus on being the right ME instead of finding the right person, so I can BE the right person for MY right person. (I had an epiphany the other day during the sacrament. :) )
Thinking // That I'm forgetting to do something... I've had that feeling all week.
Feeling // Like I have things to say again. And that feels good. :)
Bookmarking // Mmm... I'm not sure that I'm really bookmarking anything these days.
Opening // myself up a little bit more. Trying not to be so... well, closed. And intimidating. Oy.
Giggling // At Duck Dynasty. Seriously, it's so funny!
Feeling // Happy that he talked to me today and it wasn't weird. Happy that people appreciate how clean my Target is (I asked a guest if I could help her today and her reply was, "Your store is so clean and nice and spacious! I love it!" and I was a little taken aback and just said, "Oh, thank you!" and she said, "NO, thank YOU." It was honestly the BEST moment of my entire day). Sad that Jessica is in Europe because I miss her. And work is boring without her. Like a grown up. And that's weird. 

Anyway, that's all for today. It's good to be back. :)

 Wanna join in on this? Please do. Leave a comment & let me know so I can read yours :)

     Reille K.

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