Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Just some wedding stuff that I generally enjoy.

Take a look at this!

That right there, is a wedding that has conifers in a classy way. I was initially intrigued  by the groom's lovely boutonniere. It has little sprigs of pine tree-ness in it and I thought that was absolutely cool!

My mom says that someday when I get married, I should get married in the winter. At Christmastime. BUT! I have never been fond of the "winter wonderland" nonsense and I don't want decorated Christmas trees at my wedding. Because that's lame. 

But that wedding up there, with that linkage... I would consider something like that. It's coniferous and classy.

Then again... I could do coniferous in the springtime... or the falltimes.... or the summertimes.

I guess my point is that I kindof want to include conifers in my wedding someday.

Here's another wedding this cool lady photographed that I really liked... It's a sunnyday wedding!
(Which is ironic, because her blog is called sunnydays photography... didn't even notice that until I already made that link)

Anyway, I really love the groom's tie. It's super bright yellow, and I like how intense it is. Since wedding colors and the like are generally a little more... low key. I like this brightness

I also like her bouquet. It's handmade, it looks like, and I quite enjoyed it.
My sister made hers, and it was pretty legit too. But this one... is different. I think they used scrapbooking paper, or something of that sort. Which is pretty cool.

At one point, I wanted to do origami lotus' for my bouquet... I think that's still a pretty rad idea.

I just realized how weird it is that I'm blogging about my not even near future at all wedding.
So I'll stop now.
k, bye!


       Reille K. 

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