Saturday, May 19, 2012

The first of many endings. And super fun nights. And other things.

Yesterday was my last day of real High School. 
It was slightly depressing, just because it's the unofficial end of an era. 
After this weekend it's all senior activities and finals and things. 
You know, it's CRAZY.
And it's also, WEIRD. 

Ooh, another thing to talk about...
Last night.
My friends and I went to see "This means War". It was just as delightful as I expected it to be. We decided to go to Target and check out the remodel, which was also delightful. We walked all around the store and had a generally good time. We didn't know where to go next so we went for a cruise. We ended up at Lindon Park and we were GOING to hang out there for a bit, buuuut, as we were pulling up there was a super creepy homeless guy smoking and we drove away screaming a little bit. 

We then tried to find Discovery Park. We found it, buuuuut, it was super creepy at night too. The PG cemetery is on the way there and my friends thought it would be fun to walk through it at night. Weirdos. :) We found out that Jane was unbusy and decided to creep on her. We accidentally scared the crap out of her parents and drove away and such and went to Bonneville Park. [holy fetch, there are a lot of parks in this story.] Chels decided it would be hilarious to drive "out of sight" when Amanda and I were in the bathroom. Too bad for her she didn't drive far enough that we couldn't see her and we sneaked up on them and TOTALLY scared her. HA! It was one of the best moments of the night. :) We then went back to Jane's and picked her up... Hopefully her parents weren't too upset with us! 

Chelsea then drove us to Provo because there was something she wanted to show us. She wouldn't tell us WHAT it was. Or really WHERE it was. We then got kinda lost and witnessed the Police interrogating a super drunk guy. Like, too drunk to stand up. And we finally found it. A GIANT Christus Statue in someone's front yard. Chels tells us that it's generally lit up and even more weird. WOW. Also, in the entire amount of time we were in Provo, we saw 7 or 8 people pulled over. Woah. A lot of people were super unlucky or really stupid last night. 

All in all, it was a lot of fun. And a good change from our usual, sitting at someone's house and watching a movie. With the occasional hot tubbing. :)


Also, last day of Seminary on Thursday. It was super sad and we just had Testimony meeting. Which was absolutely amazing. Loooooved it! I totally cried. I started crying even before I got up there, LAME. But everyone said they super loved my testimony and such, which was nice to hear. I'm glad that my little testimony, my nugget of knowledge about the gospel, is inspiring to people. :D


Also [last also. :)] Felice and Nate are coming. THIS WEEK! I'm super duper excited. Like, borderline crazy, excited. It will be grand! YAY! 

Okay, I'm done now. 

    Reille K. :)

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