Tuesday, May 31, 2011

End of Year! The end is NEAR!

So, I just discovered that I got 86/100 on my math final. Which is really good for me. For math. Since I slightly fail at math. I mean, I don't super suck, but I'm not phenomenal either. So, yay for me! And I totally aced my english final, but no big. haha. I didn't expect it to be hard. At all. Which is just about how it was! 
In other news, kinda, I have one more day of school. The end. And really, it's just yearbook day. So, I don't even have to be there for the whole day! It's actually quite exciting. I love love love the end of the year. I'm so unreasonably excited. Since all I do during the summer, really, is sleep and chill around the house. But hopefully this summer might be different. Maybe I'll chill outside. A little. But if I do, I really hope I remember sunscreen! It's not even been sunny and junk that much, I've gotten sunburned TWICE. It's actually quite annoying, but it's my own fault. :) Oh well! Maybe for once I'll go back to school with a tan! 
So I'm watching this great movie, called What's Up Doc?, and it's super funny. It's old and surprising how funny it really is. I just love it. 
yeah, I really had a lot less to say than I thought. PEACE!

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