Sunday, May 22, 2011

Le Prom among other events.

So, it was requested that I blog about prom by my solitary follower, RUTH! Who I love dearly, and I miss her quite a lot. Now I just have Brett, her brother. Who isn't Ruth, but he's better than nothing ;) (Just Kidding! I love Brett too!)
ANYWAYS! Prom, it was a night filled with wonder and fun times. I would put pictures up at this very second, but I'm strugglin' with electronics tonight. And all weekend, let's be real. My dress was an eggplant-y purple color and it went right about to my knees or just under, I guess. And it wasn't like all flowy and junk, just kinda shapely. And it had a ruffle! on one side of the neckline. So, ya know, it was great! And my hair, which was a struggle to do, was curled and in a side ponytail and all pretty and junk. Then! My date! One of my very best man friends! Clayton. He was wearing your standard tux with a lavender checkery bow tie and vest. Which you wouldn't think worked, but totally did. Kinda. haha. It was dark, so no big! My corsage was ginormous so I kept getting stuck, hitting people with it, etc. I took it off while I was eating my delish Sizzler steak, because I didn't want it to become super dirty and junk. And Clayton's boutonniere had purple orchids! Which I super loved, OH! They also perfectly matched my dress. And the ribbon matched my black sparkly nails. So yeah. Oh! I suppose my day date could be important and useful knowledge! (useful? really?) So, we started out at Trafalga and went mini-golfing there, which was quite fantastic, as I super sucked at it! It was my first time and they made me go first, so obviously I hit the ball suuuuper hard and it went like, three holes away! But I got it back and I didn't have any more accidents of the sort. But, everyone in my group hit their heads on each other at least twice and I got nothin'! So, it was a consolation. Not really? But that's what's coming to my mind at the moment. So, after trafalga, we went to the dinosaur museum at thanksgiving point, which was great, because I looooove dino's! And I was wearing one of my MANY shirts with dinosaurs on it. And we watched them feed a fish who's name I'm forgetting, but it has three letters in it.... Ger? Geb? Something like that. And guess what they fed them?! LIVE GOLDFISH! Which was slightly sad, but it was okay because the one we liked best was the last one to get eaten. It was pretty legit. I think we may have named him elusive? So yeah, then we all went home and got ready and junk. Then we went to Sizzler for dinner, which was totally a joke when I suggested it, but everyone was like, yeah let's go there! Then to le prom!
At the prom, we walked in and stood there for a little, then danced the slow dance, then stood there some more and kinda danced, then just stood there, danced the slow dance, and that's pretty much how most of the night went! haha, we were all super tired, but it was still super fun, in my opinion! And then. The goodnight. SO FUNNY! Lucas wouldn't drive away, so Clayton and I just kinda stood there and were all awkward and then finally we did an awkward hug and Lucas started to drive away. But then! Clayton chased them and almost jumped on the back of Charlotte (Lucas' van) but Lucas sped up and stuff. It was super great! And I was like, that was the fastest he's driven all night! (which is only kind of a joke) And then it was over and I went into my house and stuff. I was pretty beat and I just went to bed. haha.
Then! Two weeks later, so last weekend, it was MORP! I asked Lucas and our group went as 80's. For that day date, we went up the canyon and played Frisbee in the wind/rain (OH! Lucas couldn't come to that, because he sings like an angel and had some state choir festival thing type deal but I still went and had a good time, but I still wish he could have come and such) then after we were all super cold and done with Frisbee, because we all sucked, we went to Amanda's house and played a game then went home and such. Got ready. Ate dinner at Chelsea's house! Then half of the group left to get some stuff they forgot....? And the rest of us just chilled and played spoons, which I didn't lose at! Then we went to the dance and actually danced this time! And we were all super sexy dancers and stuff. And it was a blast and such! Then we chilled in the parking lot after it was over because we were waiting for one of the girls in our group who is on Pack and had to clean up. And we had to then listen to all the dumb lacrosse players be stupid and loud in the parking lot because they think they're cool but really they suck. Then I drove Lucas home and went to bed! haha. So those are summaries of the two dances I went to in the last month!
Last night! I watched Justin Bieber: Never Say Never. And like, I'm not a super crazy fan of bieber, but he's alright. I acquired his music last summer and went through one of those phases where I listened to it for like a week or two, then I stopped and took most of it off my ipod. But I watched that documentary type movie last night and I came to have a certain respect for JB. Sure, he's cute. And I think he has a pretty decent voice. But mylanta! It made me realize how much his life kinda sucks. He doesn't get to be a kid, he has to sometimes not talk for 3-7 days at a time to rest his vocal chords and stuff, be chased by girls who don't even really, like REALLY know him, he's claimed by millions of girls who all want to marry him, etc. How would that be? Crazy. Although, he does get to meet tons of people, travel all over, and give back. Which are basically the only upsides. HA! But yeah, ever since then I've been listening to his music again, sad, but true.
In other news, there are 7 days left of school. Yes, 7. I'm so fetching excited, you don't even know. I used to be like, I love school! Summer sucks! Now I'm like, Dude, school? Super suckssssss, let it be summer already!!! Summer is the highlight of my year, and I'm kinda sad that this is pretty much my last summer to just chill and be insanely lazy for three months straight!
I finally finished my online P.E. class that I've been trying to get done since August of '09! Super great, right? Sad that it took me so long, but great that I finished! I just never did any of the stuff because I always forgot as I didn't have that going every other day reminder. But I'm done! And I bought myself a celebratory Slurpee. It was delicious!
So it was super sunny and a generally great weather day yesterday, right? I went and laid out for a while and got nothing. Then, I went walking with my mom and I got sunburned! And I was wearing a V-Neck! And sunglasses! The sunglasses burn is only kinda there, but my chest is a freak show! And I'm really upset about it, still. But at least I didn't have a part in my hair, so that's a plus. Curse my ghostly white Scottish skin!
So, I believe those are about the biggest things that have happened recently. Besides my car accident... haha. Which is more funny than anything else. I ran into a UTA bus and now don't have a car. That's pretty much the gist of it. No tickets or anything, so it's all good! I prolly could have fixed my car, but it would have cost more than the car is even worth, so we just donated it to kidney kars. So, yay! My sad day of no car-ness will benefit someone who's sick!
That's about it for now, so I think I should maybe do some math homework? Maybe. Prolly not though. :)

Thend. (the+end=thend)

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