Sunday, February 22, 2015

why I don't subscribe to the Facebook lifestyle.

I rarely get on Facebook. And when I do, I leave feeling unfulfilled with my life and being a little sad about some of the choices that I have made. Why? Because I didn't go the traditional route. I didn't have a million friends in high school. And I didn't go to college right after graduation. And I didn't go on a mission. I'm not planning on going on a mission. I didn't meet tons of new friends in my college classes or dorm. I didn't get married before I had been out of high school for three years. And I definitely don't have a baby yet. I've still never even been kissed or had a boyfriend. 

Instead, I had every friend from high school fall out of my life. I started working at a dead end job for two years and I met the best friend that I have ever had there. One that I love enough to have moved out of my parents house for (I wouldn't and won't do that for... Anyone else. Except someone that I have hitched myself to for the rest of eternity). I've fallen in and out of love with the Gospel. I've had my ups and downs. I've had a few terrible dating experiences. And no good ones. I've gotten scars -- physical, emotional, and mental scars. I've grown and discovered things about myself that I wouldn't have unless my life had unfolded exactly the way that it has. 

But when I get on Facebook... And I see the pathways that everyone elses lives have taken them down... And I compare it to the pathway that I have been on... that's just it. I compare my journey to everyone else's when I get on Facebook. And I hate that. I can't stop doing it. Because it's human nature. That's become the norm of our society. Constantly comparing our everything to the "specifically engineered for the Internet" parts of everyone else's life. The only thing I can do is avoid it. And I'm honestly okay with that. Because why am I wasting time on the Internet when I can be off living my life instead?! I mean, I love the Internet as much as the next gal, but, I don't want to live there. 

So, I've been thinking about deleting my Facebook. Have any of you done it before? I've done a few social media fasts, and I still refuse to download Facebook back onto my phone... But, to completely delete my profile? It just seems like... A lot of things that I would be getting rid of. Although, it would completely purge my friends list of all those people that I never actually talked to in Jr. High and high school. And get rid of all those stupid, stupid things that I "became a fan" of, back when that was a thing. But, I would have to re-friend people, and build it back up, and I would lose all the ├╝ber cringe-worthy posts from Jr. High, that are always good for a laugh. I don't know... I doubt that I will ever actually delete my profile, because I've thought about it a lot for about two years and still haven't. But, the thought is there. For now, I think I'll just keep not using it. That sounds like the best plan. :)

I'll keep loving and living with the choices that I've made that have gotten me to where I am today and try to stop comparing my journey to everyone else's. 

Reille K. :) 

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  1. I think that even if you delete your profile, you don't lose it forever. If you create a new one with a different email account I believe that's when you'd have to start over completely, but if you sign in again with the old one even after you delete it, it'll all still be there. I've never done it before, but I know people who have, and their accounts were just fine.
    As far as your post goes, though, I loved this! I deleted my Facebook app off of my phone and love it! I deleted Instagram, too. It's been sooo nice not to have them there! I have to physically be on my laptop to see all that stuff, and it's great because I'm hardly on this thing anyway!
    Anyway, I hope you're happy and doing well! I never got to thank you for the letters you sent me on my mission. You are a gem and I loved getting to know you better that way! :)


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