Friday, April 11, 2014

the "fins" series.

Once upon a blue moon, I used to review books on here. And that was all I did. And that is also what got me into the idea that I enjoyed writing and that I was pretty good at it. I did that for an entire summer, the one that I convinced myself to ONLY read "Classics". Such as: Wuthering Heights, Pride and Prejudice (I think)... I don't remember any of the other ones. They were a little boring to me and they all had basically the same plot line and all run together anyway... Woops.

Anyway... I posted on Instagram the other day my library haul, and someone wanted to know how a few of the books were, therefore, blogpost. :)

The "Fins" series, as it has been so lovingly christened. There's also a novella (I assume) called "Pretty in Pearls" that I haven't read, but might. We'll see. The series is written by a woman who used to be a swimmer and always wished to be a mermaid. (I mean, what girl HASN'T wished to be a mermaid at one point? I sure have! ... I still do sometimes.) I had read the first two books in high school (and maybe even the third) and totally forgotten until I was a little bit into the books. But, as I am the QUEEN of re-reading, I didn't mind reading again. Because, well, mermaids!
I mean, it gets a little cheesy and all that, but let's be real, we love the cheese-factor. It's about an *almost* 18 year old mermaid princess who lives on land and goes to high school. She's half-human but her mother (her human half) died like... when she was really little? The first book is about her falling for the boy, but the second and third books get a little bit less superficial and go more into the princess business and she has to stop wars against the humans because we are ruining the oceans. (Kind of true... oops.)

Personally, I really enjoyed them. I read the first two books in one day... ha! And the third book the next day. But, I also read reals fast. I thought the imagery was fantastic, and the love story was not super unrealistic. She, Lily, is magically bonded to the guy (no spoilers, just in case) and she still isn't sure if she Loves him, so she makes her dad, the king and the only one with the power to break the bond, sever the bond even though she ends up Loving the guy. It all works out in the end though, don't worry! It was refreshing, if you ask me.

Anyway, I would recommend them. Let me know if you read them and we can talk about them! Like a book club! ;)

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

     Reille K.

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